Dr. Benjamin Schlechter, Reading and Lancaster Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Benjamin Schlechter is a board certified plastic surgeon in Wyomissing, PA. Dr. Schlechter has extensive training and experience in abdominoplasty surgery. Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a popular procedure that effectively removes excess skin and fat to create a flat abomen.

Liposuction is often used during tummy tuck surgery to remove fat and provide optimal results. However, it cannot get rid of sagging skin or tighten abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck surgery is the only procedure that is designed to tighten stretched abdominal muscles and remove loose skin.

Dr. Schlechter offers both full tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks. A full tummy tuck provides more dramatic results than a mini tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck utilizes more incisions: hip bone to hip bone and around the belly button. Loose and sagging skin and stubborn fat are removed from the entire midsection and abdominal muscles are tightened. A mini tummy tuck is a good fit for candidates with better skin elasticity. A mini tuck corrects the lower abdomen and uses smaller incision which allows for a shorter recovery.

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