Dr. Deboni and Dr. Baum

Dr. Anthony Deboni & Dr. Gregory Baum of CNY Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery are board-certified plastic surgeons and have decades of combined experience working with a variety of modern cosmetic techniques at their Syracuse plastic surgery practice.

A tummy tuck in Syracuse, New York can restore a flat stomach after pregnancy or weight loss. Abdominoplasty is particularly popular with moms, who want to look good in spite of the physical changes that often go along with pregnancy. Dr. Anthony Deboni and Dr. Gregory Baum, both certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, believe that when you feel satisfied with your appearance, your self-confidence increases.

After pregnancy or weight loss, a person has only so much control over the appearance of their abdomen. Because pregnancy often affects more than the abdomen, many women choose to combine their tummy tuck with other cosmetic procedures such as breast implants and liposuction. This helps to reduce cost, lessen recovery time, and offers more dramatic results.

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