Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr: Houston Tummy Tucks

Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr.has been specializing in the art of the Tummy Tuck for close to 25 years, helping patients achieve their desire for a smooth stomach, flat abdomen, and proportional body. Dr. Vitenas’ extensive experience has allowed him to perfect the surgical skills required to consistently perform this complex procedure. While any surgeon can boast the ability to cut and suture, only the best have up-to-date training with the most advanced Tummy Tuck surgical techniques. Dr. Vitenas insists on providing meticulous results in the safest of medical environments, lowering the risk of complications, and allowing for the fastest recovery time possible.

A Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, refers to an invasive surgical procedure created to restore a flat, youthful shape to the stomach and abdomen. Both men and women in good health make ideal candidates for this procedure. As people age, the skin of the abdomen can become loose, lax, and droopy. No matter the amount or extent of weight loss and exercise, a flat stomach can be nearly impossible to achieve. A Tummy Tuck can restore the body to its youthful, tight form. In particular, after pregnancy, a Tummy Tuck can be extremely helpful in regaining a woman’s lost shape and figure.

The Tummy Tuck procedure begins with a lower traverse incision made just above the pubic area, between the hip bones. The excess skin and fat around the stomach are excised then the tissues of the abdomen are pulled taut and smooth. The area around the groin is reshaped and the abdominal muscles tightened. C-Section scars can even be removed during a Tummy Tuck. Once the surgery is complete, a dressing is applied and temporary drains are inserted, to remove excess fluid from the site. While a Tummy Tuck does result in a visible scar, this will be fade over time.

There are several variations to the procedure, depending on each patients needs; these include a Mini Tummy Tuck, Full Tummy Tuck, and a combination of procedures that includes Liposuction. A Tummy Tuck can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures, such as breast augmentation or Liposuction. A Tummy Tuck is also a key component of the Mommy Makeover, a restorative procedure that lifts the breasts and flattens the stomach – surgeries that are often necessary after the body goes through the trauma of pregnancy.


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