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Excess abdominal skin and weakened muscles can create a stomach "pooch." When the muscles and skin get stretched out, no amount of exercise will repair the damage. A tummy tuck is designed to strengthen the core muscles and remove extra skin for a flatter tummy.

The board certified surgeons at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery customize abdominoplasty procedures depending on the needs of each patient. They offer three basic types of tummy tucks. A full tummy tuck is the most common and is appropriate for most patients. It involves a horizontal incision stretching across the lower abdomen from hip to hip, as well an incision around the belly button. A mini tummy tuck creates a flatter, tighter abdomen using a smaller, single incision. This option is ideal for people who are concerned with bulging and excess skin only below the belly button, and it usually includes a shorter recovery. An extended tummy tuck is for people who have excess skin and fat on the flanks and need a longer incision to address those concerns. This option is most common after major weight loss.


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