The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery
An abdominoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. Loose, sagging skin and excess stubborn fat are removed to create a tighter abdomen. Stretch marks resulting from pregnancy or weight fluctuations are also removed and weak abdominal muscles are tightened. The best candidates for a tummy tuck are those that have loose tummy skin and localized abdominal fat.

The traditional abdominoplasty is the most common procedure for patients undergoing a tummy tuck. A full tummy tuck corrects issues for the entire abdomen, slimming the upper and lower abdomen as well the waistline. A thin scar extends from hip to hip, concealed beneath your underwear or bikini line.

A mini-tummy tuck is a smaller abdominoplasty. A smaller percentage of patients are good candidates for this procedure, as it only addresses the lower abdomen. A smaller incision is made between the hips and extra skin and fat are removed from the lower abdomen below the belly button.

Most stretch marks are removed during a tummy tuck. Any low scars from another procedure such as a C-section or hysterectomy will be removed during a tummy tuck.

Many patients have other procedures performed at the same time as their tummy tuck. Body contouring can be fine tuned using liposuction, enhancing your results. Breast surgery, such as breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast implants can also be done at the same time as a tummy tuck.


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